Carsten de Dreu receives Spinoza Prize

Leiden psychologist Carsten de Dreu was presented with the Spinoza Prize by Education Minister Van Engelshoven on 12 September. The award of 2.5 million euros will allow him to continue with his pioneering research on group dynamics.

Not only cognition
De Dreu carries out groundbreaking research on conflicts, negotiation processes, decision-making and creativity within small groups. He has already demonstrated that poor decision-making and group thinking are not just the result of cognitive shortcomings. 

Biological mechanisms
Why do we react in a particular way within a group, and why do we react as a group in a particular way to a competing group? Very little is known about the processes underlying these responses. Carsten de Dreu will use his Spinoza Prize to set up an interdisciplinary research group that aims to develop a model anchored in neurobiology that will shed light on cooperation and conflict within and between groups.

New: Stevin laureates
Every year NWO awards four Spinoza Prizes. This year  a further two Stevin Prizes were awarded, each worth 2.5 million euros. The emphasis with Spinoza Prizes is on innovative fundamental research, and for Stevin Prizes the societal impact of the research is key.